I find my self putting on a smile
Even though I want to cry out loud.
Over and over as the emotions start to pile.  I cant seem to get away from this cloud.
I find my self alone, and uncertain
Of what I really want right now.
Life continues to open and close my curtain Less ups, more downs.
I fantasize about who I want to be with, 
Yet still alone, its complicated.
Society brought on a mentality of “fuck it” Attitude towards relationships sad to say it
Ugh, Who knows if ill ever find “him”
I dont even know if “he” exsist.
Some days my light gets so dim.
I try to see through the fog, the mist.
Think on the bright side.
And find the side where the grass is green
But some times I just cant hide.
From the loneliness that ive seen.

                                   -lena 04/14/2014

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